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Support for our Special Appeals

When the supporters of Durham University unite around a cause their shared impact is immense, this is most apparent in the case of our special Appeals. 

Some examples from this shared endeavour include the transformation of the historic Palace Green Library which will be enjoyed by visitors and appreciated by researchers for generations to come. Your funding of ground-breaking research in disaster response is making a tangible, positive impact now on the lives of those living in places at risk of natural disaster.  And you have enabled women in Afghanistan to gain a postgraduate education denied to them at the time in their home country. In all of these cases the impact of what was achieved continues to be felt, and to ripple out to others, long after the Appeals have successfully reached their targets. 

What our special Appeals demostrate above all is the difference that can be made when thousands of our supporters join together with a shared ambition. Explore the links below to find out more.

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Action on Natural Disasters
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Covid-19 Recovery Appeal

Go to Covid-19 Recovery Appeal

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