Global Lecture Series
Inequality: why we should all care with Dr Wanda Wyporska
Tuesday 24 November

Events of 2020 have revealed, perhaps more starkly than ever, the huge inequalities that exist in our society. We will be joined by Dr Wanda Wyporska, CEO of The Equality Trust to discuss with our own Professor Sue Black OBE, Inequality: why we should all care.

This webinar will take place on Tuesday 24 November from 6.15pm.

Durham University Global Lecture Series 2020

Unprecedented is a word that has been used repeatedly over the course of 2020 as we grapple with the sheer scale of events that have played out over the past twelve months. In a year that we have been hit by a global health pandemic; where political tensions have raised questions about democracy, freedoms and human rights; where extreme weather and natural disasters have brought an urgency to the issue of climate change; and where countries across the globe struggle with the social, political and economic fall-out, we will consider what that means now, and what it could mean for our future.

In a series of ‘in conversation’ webinars, we will look at some of the big issues that fall out from these events: inequalities, the role of the media and the 24 hours news agenda, today’s political environment, global warming, international security, and what the impact is on our society more broadly.



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Durham University Global Lecture Series 2020

24 November 2020 at 18:15

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