Residential Operations Business Process Review

Open letter to alumni

Dear all,

A few months ago, we told you about our Residential Operations Business Process Review, the aim of which was to look at how we deliver services to our students through teams in our Colleges and Student Experience Division.

Today we want to advise you that the review has now concluded and that implementation of the new staff structures and ways of working began on 1 August.

As you know, there were 61 positions considered within the review but we anticipated the final number of redundancies to be significantly lower than this. I can confirm that, in the event, of the 61 staff in scope there has only been one non-voluntary redundancy as a result of the review; I acknowledge of course that even that single instance is still regrettable. In addition, 20 colleagues left voluntarily under a generous enhanced redundancy scheme.

Now that we have moved past the period of uncertainty, morale within the Colleges has improved considerably. For many colleagues their new responsibilities are a welcome development and they are committed to their newly consolidated roles. It is also heartening to see the continued spirit of collaboration and cooperation across the Colleges, as the revised and shared working practices are adopted.

We are of course supporting staff in their new roles, ensuring that they have the training and development they need to carry out their tasks, and that they can seek help when needed. We also still have a small number of vacancies which we’re seeking to fill in the coming weeks, and we look forward to being able to report on how our Colleges are functioning once they are all fully staffed and bedded in to the new structures and ways of working.

We’ve accepted all along that maintaining our ability to support multiple, simultaneous large and/or complex student events was a concern for both staff and students. Of course the new systems and structures are yet to be tested, but we are confident that any difficulties will be much abated by detailed and forward planning – a practice that will no doubt stand our students in good stead for the future.

One of the intended outcomes of the review was to sharpen the focus within our Colleges on student development and support. We now have the opportunity to overcome this challenge, and I’m confident that we will.

I would like to end by thanking all our College staff for their patience and dedication throughout the uncertainty of the review period. I’d also like to thank you, our Alumni, for the admirable concern that you have expressed regarding our loyal, hardworking staff and your interest in the continued success of our student experience. I confidently anticipate your encouragement and support for the collegiate system in the future.

With all good wishes,

Professor Martyn Evans
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Colleges and Student Experience)

Development and Alumni Relations Office
The Palatine Centre
Stockton Road

0191 334 6305

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