Name: Kanad Kashyap
  College: Ustinov College
  Subject: Business Management      
  Class of: 2019
  Location: Shanghai, China

My Durham Experience:

I had admission offers from other business schools in the UK but I opted to study at Durham because of three main reasons: reputation of the university globally and in the UK, ranking of the MBA program( it has been constantly ranked as one of the top 100 in most ranking tables) and a great return on investment.

Studying at Durham University and staying at Ustinov college was a rewarding experience. The culture at the university not just encourages you to study harder (top class academic facilities and very knowledgeable and helpful faculties) but also to engage with students from various backgrounds and nationalities.

Apart from the academic course work, I chose to work on a charity consultancy project that was given to a Durham based non-profit organisation. That experience opened my eye to the wider social aspects of business operation. I feel great to have worked on that project in my spare time despite the hectic MBA schedule.

The time I spent with my friends and classmates studying at Durham forms the best memories. The structure of the program encouraged collaborative work, which in turn helped to form stronger bonds between classmates and make friends for life. I am still in touch with my classmates and exchange ideas of improving our respective work.

When I look back at the lessons learned at Durham, I am highly satisfied with my decision to choose Durham over other universities. I believe Durham University offered more than a degree. I learned some of the important values for life and business and I still practice those in my personal and professional life.


Over the last year, I started my company which is based in Shanghai, China. My company provides fitness related technological and consultancy service to fitness brands. The services that we offer enable companies to enhance their services by understanding customer profiles better.

Last year has been extremely challenging for most of us and I have been affected by the pandemic as well. Setting up business in the uncertain pandemic times had been difficult, especially at the time when China was battling it. However, learnings from the MBA program about managing uncertainty definitely helped in the rough days.

Pass it on: One advice:

My one piece of advice for current students and recent graduates would be to believe in their abilities and understand that one’s acquired knowledge is the best currency of finding ways through hard times. I also suggest to develop principles that helps you in getting your dreams and reflect on those that worked when you are in doubt.

I wish I knew before:

I wish I had known before that it is extremely important to clearly define your strengths and weaknesses before undertaking any project in life. That gives you a better understanding of possible outcomes and scope for better preparedness.

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