DURSA - Durham University Retired Staff Association

DURSA is open to all members of staff who have retired from Durham University.

The primary aim of DURSA is to keep retired staff engaged with the University and its intellectual and social networks. DURSA is led by a committee, currently chaired by Dr Alan Heesom, former Dean of both the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences.

One of the greatest challenges for DURSA is contacting former members of staff who may have retired some years ago. When you meet former colleagues, please check if they have heard of DURSA, urge them to join and provide them with the link to this page.

As DURSA grows and develops, we plan to broaden the activities of the association to reflect the interests of our members. Retired staff benefits include campus cards, library access and a University email address to be made available to those interested, as well as University alumni mailings with news and updates from across the University community.

Please click to view the Constitution, Memorandum of Understanding and Minutes of General Meetings.

Membership is available to all former staff who began to draw a University pension immediately upon retirement from the University. To sign up to DURSA please register online. To renew your membership, please complete the Extend a Temporary IT Account online form.

DURSA membership is administered by the University’s Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) and these web pages sit within the University's alumni community.

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