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Diamonds: An Intriguing Past, A Scintillating Future

Wednesday 27 October 2021, 6pm (BST)

Since time immemorial diamonds have been a source of fascination to mankind. Join Durham alumna, Joanna Park-Tonks (Castle, 1996-2000) for a thrilling journey through the history of diamonds - their intriguing past which captured the imagination of many and more recently their evolving future as man has devised a way to create laboratory grown diamonds.

Joanna who has started the jewellery business CHELSEA ROCKS - specialising in laboratory grown diamonds, will be joined by award-winning gemmologist, Helen Dimmick BA (Hons), FGA, DGA, RJ (man) dip, who will share why jewellery continues to be such a powerful visual language and why diamonds are the ultimate of all gemstones. You will also learn how laboratory grown diamonds share all the qualities of mined diamonds, though are lighter on the environment and your pocket!

Event Speakers

Joanna Park-Tonks

Joanna founded CHELSEA ROCKS, a young dynamic start-up based in Vienna, Austria & incorporated in the UK. Joanna brings with her jewellery marketing expertise from her engagement by the CSO - De Beers in London, the Diamond Information Centre, J. Walter Thompson in Milan and Christies-Jewellery, London. 

Formerly with Accenture the global management consultancy, Joanna is specialised in market analysis and the marketing of high-end luxury goods. Joanna is passionate about the future of laboratory grown diamonds and committed to industry-wide education in the UK/EU. 

Helen Dimmick

Helen has vast experience in the jewellery industry – twenty or more years that began when she became a specialist in an auction house, before taking on a key role at the globally-renowned Tiffany & Co. An inspirational leader, while she was at the helm of jewellery retailer Green+Benz, the store garnered many important industry awards.

It’s a career that points clearly to a deep love – passion even – for diamonds and gemstones… as well as jewellery itself. Helen possesses in-depth knowledge of all three. As a qualified and award winning diamond grader and gemmologist she is ideally equipped to guide her clients through what can sometimes be a bewildering, perhaps daunting, process of choosing stones, deciding on a design and then arriving at the perfect piece of jewellery. For instance, what makes one diamond more desirable than another? Beauty, as Helen can explain, really is in the eye of the beholder – through her careful curation, she will ensure that the jewel you choose is absolutely the right one for you.

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27 October 2021 at 18:00

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